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  • Quick response manufacturing

    Nooteboom Components – Quick Response Manufacturing

    May 2019

    Nooteboom Components is the name for the fully automated department at Nooteboom Trailers where components for trailers are produced. One of the existing production halls has been completely renewed inside. Ultramodern machinery for manufacturing vehicle components were installed In this hall, including a laser cutting machine, two new press brakes, a milling machine and a welding robot. Nooteboom Components works according to the ‘Quick Response Manufacturing’ method. This QMR-method is primarily aimed at reducing lead times in the production. But it also has a positive influence on the efficiency of the components’ production.
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  • Novab-ipad-truck-jenniskens

    Nooteboom introduces NOVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation

    December 2018

    Meanwhile Nooteboom has developed the latest generation NoVAB: Nooteboom 3.0 Cloud version. This latest NoVAB offers important improvements and advantages. Selecting the right tractor-trailer and calculating how the weight of the load is distributed over the various axles is now even quicker and easier. You can also specify whether one or several axles are to be lifted. With the push of a button the optimal load position, to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load, will be calculated. This will tell you in advance whether the complete combination with its load complies with the maximum axle loads that are permitted within a specific country.
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  • IAA 2018

    Visit Nooteboom at IAA (Hannover-DE) from 20-27 September

    September 2018

    We would like to invite you to visit us at the IAA exhibition in Hannover from 20 - 27 September. At...
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  • The Heavies – Nooteboom Innovation Award 2018

    Nooteboom receives Heavies Award for ‘Innovation of the Year’

    September 2018

    In the category Trailer Medium Weight (3-5 axles) Nooteboom has been elected by the judging panel as the winner of the Innovation of the Year Award for the Manoovr semi-lowloader with excavator trough and 80 tonne heavy duty ramps. Again, there was one stand-out entry in this category. It was developed in response to the need for a more efficient way to transport big construction machinery In the words of one of the Judges: ‘The next stage in the Manoovr range. A super strong trailer that’s ideal for heavy plant.’
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  • elsevier-Marinka

    Marinka Nooteboom awarded a place in the top 100 most successful businesswomen

    May 2018

    At the annual selection of the most successful and influential female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Marinka Nooteboom has been awarded a place in the top 100 businesswomen of the Netherlands. This was announced on Monday 28 May at the seventh edition of TheNextWomen100 in Amsterdam.
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  • _DSF9455-bewerkt

    Quick and safe loading/unloading with the new sliding canopy system for Nooteboom Teletrailer

    May 2018

    In cooperation with Netcap International and Van Rijssel Carrosserie, Nooteboom has developed a special extendible trailer with a canopy for steel supplier Geurts-Janssen from Venlo. Canopy constructions for extendible trailers were already available, but it meant the driver had to fit separate parts to guide the canopy. Those days are over, because the Nooteboom 3-axle extendible Teletrailer of Geurts-Janssen is equipped with a specially designed double rail system.
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  • Marinka Nooteboom en Raymond Belderink

    Marinka Nooteboom manoeuvers trailer manufacturer into a strong position

    May 2018

    Ever-increasing customer demands, with a surge in technological innovation opportunities and a tight labour market. These three external developments compel ‘special trailer manufacturer’ Nooteboom to further professionalise their organisation. So at the moment a great deal of energy is devoted to matters such as modularisation, automation and training, in order to prepare the employees for new tasks and to make them more enterprising.
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  • MPL Manoovr

    New 80-tonne ramps for Manoovr with excavator trough

    April 2018

    The Nooteboom Manoovr generation has set new standards for the transport of heavy machinery. The latest additions here are the 4-axle, 5-axle and 6-axle extendible Manoovr semi low-loaders with excavator trough, especially for the transport of e.g. earthmoving and construction machines. The Nooteboom Manoovr generation has set new standards for the transport of heavy machinery. Nooteboom has developed special ‘Heavy Duty’ ramps to load these machines, weighing up to 80 tonnes, onto the load floor.
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  • Nooteboom Manoovr Ballasttrailer MPL-97-06 – Haegens_01 low

    Nooteboom Manoovr ideal transport solution for Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1

    February 2018

    For the transport of crane ballast within the 100-tonne legislative limit Nooteboom offers two ideal transport solutions: The flatbed Ballasttrailer with countersteering and the latest Manoovr Ballasttrailer. Since the introduction of the 6-axle Manoovr Ballasttrailer in the middle of last year an increasing number of crane hire companies are opting for the Manoovr instead of the traditional flatbed Ballasttrailer.
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  • GIS

    Nooteboom at GISEXPO, Piacenza

    October 2017

    The sixth edition of GIS, the only Italian trade show for the Lifting, handling and Heavy Transportation operators, will take place at the exhibition center of PiacenzaExpo from 5th to 7th October 2017. The event, dedicated to the users of cranes, mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, telehandlers, overhead travelling cranes, port and industrial handling equipment and heavy transport companies, is being organized with the support of the major industry associations like: ANNA (Italian Association of Mobile Crane Hiring and Heavy Transportation), ESTA….
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