SpecialsThe Nooteboom MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER is a unique and universal transport concept, specially designed for the transport of tower sections and nacelles of large windmill installations up to around 3 Megawatt.

The MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER adds a new dimension to windmill transportation because of the size, load capacity and manoeuvrability and, more importantly, the reduced operating costs. The MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER is by now used around the world and regarded as the ultimate logistic concept for large tower sections and nacelles.

Vehicle configuration

The Nooteboom MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER MEGA Windmill Transporter consists of two hydraulically extendible lift-adapters that can be employed on various vehicle types. During transport the load is clamped between the lift adaptors so that a load floor is not needed. At the front the lift-adapter is usually coupled via a turntable to a 3-axle or 4-axle Nooteboom Jeepdolly. The rear lift adapter is usually coupled via a turntable to a 7-axle hydraulically-steered Nooteboom NLD self-steering dolly.


Superior manoeuvrability

Due to the various pivot points all over the combination, the MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER’s manoeuvrability is unequalled. It is possible to rotate the load in relation to the semi-trailers up to an 80-degree angle so that even very sharp bends can be negotiated with ease.

Using the lift adapters, the load can be raised hydraulically up to around 1.5 metres above the ground surface so that the vehicle can easily be manoeuvred over a crash barrier, ditch or roundabout. Because there is no load floor the MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER can also make optimal use of the maximum height clearance, making it possible to take the most efficient transport routes. This saves the transport operator an enormous amount of travel and waiting time and contributes towards further reductions in the operating costs.

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