Nooteboom flatbed semi-trailers

With the Nooteboom TELETRAILER flatbed semi-trailers any self-supporting long load, from concrete and steel structures to rotor blades, can be transported with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest possible transport costs.

These semi-trailers feature a flat, extendible load floor and hydraulically forced turntable steering. The very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the OVB TELETRAILERS exceptional. Moreover, this hydraulic turntable steering ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum.

Patented, pre-cambered load floor.

On every vehicle in the TELETRAILER programme Nooteboom employs the unique concept of pre-cambered beams for which an international patent has been granted. With this special camber the load floor stays perfectly flat when retracted. This is of practical benefit when for instance, loading containers. In unloaded, extended position the chassis is slightly arched (cambered) so there is hardly any sagging of the load surface. This concept also guarantees that the load floor can be retracted or extended without difficulty.

Nooteboom offers a wide range of flatbed trailers in various versions to perfectly meet any specific transport requirement:

  • 2 up to 7 axles
  • Self-tracking or hydraulically steered axles
  • Payload of up to approx.120 tonnes
  • Air suspension or hydropneumatic suspension
  • Fixed or single/double/triple/quadruple extendible floor
  • Flat load floor, or with gooseneck