In Europe Nooteboom is an international household word where it concerns trailers and semi-trailers for abnormal road transport. Regionally Nooteboom is a valued employer for more than 350 skilled workers, at home and abroad. All Nooteboom employees have one thing in common: they have a passion for trailers and are extremely interested in the product.

Respect for workmanship and quality is the common thread running through the entire company. The desire to individually contribute towards an innovative and reliable top-quality product is what binds us together. Ambitious people enjoy working for our trend-setting and reputable company. Because at Nooteboom there is plenty of scope to develop and to make a career for yourself. Characteristic of the atmosphere at work at Nooteboom are the flat organizational structure and the assignment of responsibility and competence to shop-floor workers. Meticulous welding work is just as important as efficient purchasing of materials and parts.