The Nooteboom OVB BALLASTTRAILERS are specially designed for the efficient transport of crane ballast and other heavy concentrated loads.

Already at the top for 30 years

In 1985 Nooteboom was the first to introduce a 6-axle OVB BALLASTTRAILER in the European market. Specifically for the transport of ballast for mobile cranes, this innovative Nooteboom concept was granted permission to drive on the roads in the Netherlands with a gross train weight of up to 100t. Other European countries followed and Nooteboom has been the expert in the field of ballast trailers ever since.


Due to the unique central box-section main beam, made of high-grade steel, the Nooteboom OVB BALLASTTRAILER has great torsional stiffness and is extremely stable when loaded. Without adding unnecessary dead weight, the chassis has been specially reinforced to handle the very high load capacity and extreme concentration of the load. In unloaded position the load floor is slightly arched (cambered) to keep any sagging of the floor, when loaded, to a minimum.

Most stable

The OVB BALLASTTRAILER is delivered as standard on hydropneumatic suspension, with maximum stroke and lateral stability. This enables the OVB BALLASTTRAILER to follow the crane onto the building site without any problems. If required the ballast trailer can also be supplied with air suspension, if driving on rough and bumpy terrain is not a common occurrence.

Nooteboom Ballasttrailer
Nooteboom Ballasttrailer
Nooteboom Ballasttrailer

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