1979-2012: 4th generation

The takeover of C.M.K. in Wijchen leads to the founding of Nooteboom Trailers B.V. in Wijchen. Exports increase substantially and an international parts distribution system is established. In 1977 the foundation stone is laid for brand-new premises with more than 11,000 m2 work space. The facility is officially opened in 1979 by Nelie Smit-Kroes (photo bottom-left), then Minister of Transport and Public Works. After 40 years Toon Nooteboom hands over the family company to his sons in 1979. At his departure Anton points out the success factor of Nooteboom: “We build vehicles that have value and keep their value throughout their lifespan of 30 years.” That advice did not fall on deaf ears because used Nooteboom trailers still have the highest market value. On the occasion of their centenary in 1981 the family company is awarded the royal designation ‘Koninklijk’, based on their unique position in the transport sector.

Opening Nooteboom Wijchen with Neelie Smit Kroes
Nooteboom Trailers Wijchen

In 2006 Nooteboom takes over the company Floor Trailers (also based in Wijchen) and Kennis Trailers. This also lays the foundation for the Nooteboom Group. The entire group is now composed of Nooteboom Trailers, Nooteboom Trailers Occasion Sales (NTOS) and Nooteboom Floor Trailer Service (NFTS). In April 2010 the Kennis and Floor brands are sold to Pacton Trailers in Ommen. The selling of both brands by the Nooteboom Group stems from a strategic review, in response to the credit crunch, in which Nooteboom takes the decision to concentrate solely on the abnormal road transport market, on innovations and client developments for their international customer base in the special transport sector. That is also the reason why NFTS continues under the name Nooteboom Trailer Service and NTOS under the name Nooteboom Global Trailer Centre.

The Koninklijke Nooteboom Group in Wijchen now consists of three subsidiaries that specialise in the development, production, service provision and sales of transport solutions for abnormal transport. Nooteboom, being a ‘Trendsetter in Trailers’, aims to meet any requirements in the market with new products. This is a challenging and continuous process. It is their policy to visibly and structurally invest in customers, knowledge and quality.

Back to history 2012 – until today: 5th generation

  • Nooteboom horseshoes fitting

    1881-1921: 1ST GENERATION

    In 1881 26-year-old Willem Nooteboom, son of a blacksmith in Schiebroek, opens his own smithy in the village of Kethel, a stone’s throw from Rotterdam.

  • Henk Jan Nooteboom

    1921-1939: 2ND GENERATION

    When he joins the company in 1921 Henk Jan Nooteboom anticipates growth in vehicles. After taking over the templates of a carriage builder...

  • Nooteboom Tipper

    1939 – 1953: 3RD GENERATION

    In 1939 Anton Nooteboom joins the company that in the next few years will successfully become the producer of modern transport vehicles.

  • Nooteboom Utrecht

    1953 – 1979: 3RD GENERATION

    After the flood disaster in Zeeland in 1953 reconstruction begins and there is great demand for low-loaders and draglines. In 1953 Nooteboom builds the first low-loader with detachable axles.

  • Nooteboom ODU low-loader

    1967-1979: 4TH GENERATION

    Anton Nooteboom is involved in the family company until 1979, but in 1967 he gets reinforcements. Dick Nooteboom, after a work placement abroad, is the first son to join the company. In 1970 his brothers Henk and Ton Nooteboom follow.

  • Opening Nooteboom Wijchen with Neelie Smit Kroes

    1979-2012: 4TH GENERATION

    The takeover of C.M.K. in Wijchen leads to the founding of Nooteboom Trailers B.V. in Wijchen. Exports increase substantially and an international parts distribution system is established.

  • Marinka Nooteboom

    2012 – until today: Marinka Nooteboom 5th generation

    In 2012 Marinka Nooteboom, daughter of Henk Nooteboom, is appointed General Manager of the Koninklijke Nooteboom Group, a company with a workforce of 350.