• Pendular Axles

  • 600 mm Stroke

  • 12 or 14 ton per axle

  • 300.000 KM lifetime tyres

EurotrailersIn 2005 Nooteboom brought the revolutionary EURO-PX low-loader on the market. For the first time a wide and deep excavator trough was combined with pendle axles in the axle bogie. The EURO-PX low-loader with patented Pendel-X technology proves to be an important addition for low-loader transport. Not least because it combines an excavator trough and the easy operation of a conventional low-loader with the load capacity, steering and stroke of a modular trailer.

New generation

From 2009 the design of the axle bogie of the EURO-PX low-loader has been optimised on important points:

  • Stroke has been increased to 600mm
  • Inside wheel can be easily and quickly changed
  • Air tanks are integrated in the central beam of the axle bogie, eleminates the risk of getting damaged
  • Long life of bearings and hoses
  • Standard hose rupture safety valve on every pendle axle.
Nooteboom EURO-PX3

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Operating reliability Gerrit Kooij


The latest EURO-PX low-loader provides optimal ease of operation, maximum transport reliability and the lowest running costs. With normal use and regular maintenance we can give the following indications:

  • Life of tyres approx. 300,000 km
  • Overhaul brakes after approx. 600,000 km
  • Replace rubber pendle bearing bushes after approx. 600,000 km
  • Replace knee bearings after approx. 750,000 km
  • Replace turntable above the axles after approx. 1000,000 km
  • Preventive replacement of hydraulic hoses after approx. 4 years.