TeletrailersWith the Nooteboom OVB TELETRAILER extendible flatbed semi-trailers any self-supporting long loads, such as concrete and steel structures, can be transported with great efficiency. The hydraulic turntable steering with very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the OVB TELETRAILERS exceptional. Moreover, this hydraulic turntable steering ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum.


Due to the unique central box-section main beam, made of high-grade steel, the chassis of the Nooteboom OVB TELETRAILER is extremely strong with great torsional stiffness and a low dead weight. In unloaded, extended position the chassis is slightly arched (cambered) to keep any sagging of the load to a minimum. The finish and conservation are top-quality, the chassis is always fully hot zinc sprayed.

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