1953 – 1979: 3rd generation

After the flood disaster in Zeeland in 1953 reconstruction begins and there is great demand for low-loaders and draglines. In 1953 Nooteboom builds the first low-loader with detachable axles. When the next order comes in Anton Nooteboom has the idea to equip the low-loader with axles that could swivel. The first low-loader with pendle axles is born.

Nooteboom Utrecht
Nooteboom Crane

At that time this transport solution is the absolute pinnacle in low-loader technology. With this innovation Nooteboom leaves all other trailer manufacturers standing. The invention of Anton Nooteboom is a large milestone for the company.

In fact it is the first step by Nooteboom into the abnormal road transport sector.

In Utrecht the development and production of trailer for abnormal loads begins. That Nooteboom put themselves prominently on the map becomes evident when they get an order from the Dutch Army for 30 low-loaders to transport their AMX tanks.

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