Ever since the founding of the company in 1881, innovation has been pivotal at Nooteboom. Ground-breaking innovations ensure that Nooteboom Trailers leads the way in the market of abnormal road transport. From the first ground-breaking innovation in 1953 with the low-loader with swivel pendle axles up to the development in 2015 of the revolutionary and international award-winning MANOOVR technology, applied on a semi low-loader with an ultra-low floor height on pendle axles and with a high axle load.

The design philosophy Nooteboom has used during all those years remains the same today: their products must be simple and intuitive to operate, have to be robust and reliable and ultimately ensure the total cost of ownership is as low as possible. Innovation does not just play an important part in the product design.

Nooteboom innovation

Advanced software enables the company to build configurable, customer-specific 3D-models. This makes the design process much more efficient. When it comes to process innovation plenty is happening too. For instance, a new paint shop was built recently, taking a significant step forward with regard to metal conservation and making improvements in quality, efficiency and working conditions. We also frequently opt for co-development with customers, learning/ training institutes and other parties within the chain. This enables us to find specific solutions for special customer requirements. Ultimately the innovative potential and knowledge comes from the people themselves.