New trailers

Nooteboom delivers new flatbed (extendible) semi-trailers, semi low-loaders and low-loaders from stock. Robust, reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective.

Take a look here at the new trailers that can be delivered straightaway.

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  • C015804 – Nooteboom

    Nooteboom 3-Axle Telescopic

    • Reference C015804
    • Make Nooteboom
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  • C015759 – Nooteboom

    Nooteboom 2-Axle Low-loader

    • Reference C015759
    • Make Nooteboom
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  • C015672 – Nooteboom

    Nooteboom 3-Axle Stepframetrailer

    • Reference C015672
    • Make Nooteboom
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  • C015494 – Nooteboom

    Nooteboom 5-Axle Telescopic

    • Reference C015494
    • Make Nooteboom
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