General Courses

Operating Instructions Nooteboom Equipment

One-day training where you learn about the operating instructions, applications, safety standards and legal provisions of Nooteboom equipment. You will also be taught what to do and what not to do when you are configuring, loading/unloading and driving.

Rolling and crawling equipment

One-day course where you learn how to safely and efficiently load, unload and secure rolling and crawling equipment, ensuring you make optimal use (in loading capacity and utilization of the loading surface) of your vehicle. We also cover the loading and re-loading of multiple loads that have to be delivered to different addresses.

Securing the load on an open vehicle

One-day course where you learn (to determine) how to secure your load in accordance with the regulations so it can be transported safely and without being damaged. We also cover the re-loading and anchoring of partial loads and how to prop up and lash down machinery, rolling and crawling equipment, construction machinery, access platforms, telescopic handlers and fork-lift trucks.

Loading and unloading with lifting gear

One-day course where you learn how to safely and efficiently load and unload equipment with lifting gear, and the best way to load your vehicle. Among other things you will become aware that control, communication and proper use of the correct lifting gear play an important role here.

Abnormal transport

One-day course in which several subjects from various training courses are covered. You’ll work in groups, spending two and a half hours on each specific subject which are taught by different instructors. Together they will assess your knowledge and expertise in relation to abnormal transport.

‘International focus paves the way for more participants’


“We are starting off with the Nooteboom Academy in the Netherlands and Belgium, but several German companies have already made use of the training programme too. This year we also will make the training courses available in other languages. Our instructors speak more than one language so we can open the way to courses in French, German and English. It is our ambition to add Spanish and Polish as well.”

Bob Burks
manager Services at Nooteboom Trailers