1921-1939: 2nd generation

When he joins the company in 1921 Henk Jan Nooteboom anticipates growth in vehicles. After taking over the templates of a carriage builder, the Nooteboom Fabriek van Wegtransportmiddelen (Nooteboom Factory of Road transport vehicles) is established. It is an important step from supply company to manufacturer of the end product.

Henk Jan Nooteboom
Nooteboom carriage

They mainly build wagons for cattle farmers, but also carriages for transporting passengers.This activity of building carriages takes place in the days that motor cars are getting more popular. In 1929 son Anton joins the company. He starts to repair motorcars. In 1933 18-year-old Anton decides to extend his knowledge of motorcar engineering. He is employed by car dealer ‘Autohandel Pietersen’. Two years later Anton runs his own business: ‘Garage de Toekomst’. When Henk Jan Nooteboom dies in 1939, Toon Nooteboom takes over the management of the family company.

Back to history 1939 – 1953: 3rd generation

  • Nooteboom horseshoes fitting

    1881-1921: 1ST GENERATION

    In 1881 26-year-old Willem Nooteboom, son of a blacksmith in Schiebroek, opens his own smithy in the village of Kethel, a stone’s throw from Rotterdam.

  • Henk Jan Nooteboom

    1921-1939: 2ND GENERATION

    When he joins the company in 1921 Henk Jan Nooteboom anticipates growth in vehicles. After taking over the templates of a carriage builder...

  • Nooteboom Tipper

    1939 – 1953: 3RD GENERATION

    In 1939 Anton Nooteboom joins the company that in the next few years will successfully become the producer of modern transport vehicles.

  • Nooteboom Utrecht

    1953 – 1979: 3RD GENERATION

    After the flood disaster in Zeeland in 1953 reconstruction begins and there is great demand for low-loaders and draglines. In 1953 Nooteboom builds the first low-loader with detachable axles.

  • Nooteboom ODU low-loader

    1967-1979: 4TH GENERATION

    Anton Nooteboom is involved in the family company until 1979, but in 1967 he gets reinforcements. Dick Nooteboom, after a work placement abroad, is the first son to join the company. In 1970 his brothers Henk and Ton Nooteboom follow.

  • Opening Nooteboom Wijchen with Neelie Smit Kroes

    1979-2012: 4TH GENERATION

    The takeover of C.M.K. in Wijchen leads to the founding of Nooteboom Trailers B.V. in Wijchen. Exports increase substantially and an international parts distribution system is established.

  • Marinka Nooteboom

    2012 – until today: Marinka Nooteboom 5th generation

    In 2012 Marinka Nooteboom, daughter of Henk Nooteboom, is appointed General Manager of the Koninklijke Nooteboom Group, a company with a workforce of 350.