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  • DSCF0084

    Nooteboom presents the largest lowloader ever at Mack and Special Transport Day 13 October

    October 2019

    On Sunday 13 October the 40th edition of the Mack and Special Transport Day will take place in Amsterdam. A...
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  • Van Wieren – Nooteboom EURO-86-13IFP lowloader

    New Nooteboom EURO-PX low loaders for Van Wieren Special

    July 2019

    Van Wieren Special from Emmeloord has just expanded its transport fleet with 2 new EURO-PX low-loaders. The latest investment is a 3-axle Pendel axle low-loader with 1-axle integrated interdolly, type EURO-86-13IFP, and a 4-axle PXE low-loader with 2-axle removable interdolly, type EURO-122-24ICP.
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  • ceppeludu

    Transportes Cepelludo – Spreading the risk

    June 2019

    The route to the village of Salces, high in the mountains of the Spanish province of Cantabria, runs along the beautiful artificial lake at the source of the main river in Spain, the Ebro. The mountain tops on the horizon are more than 2,500 metres high and even on a hot summer’s day they still have snow on them. The people living in the mountains are hard workers, shaped by the cold winters and hot summers. And exactly in a cold winter on the mountainside, that’s where the history of Transportes Cepelludo begins. An interview with angel perez salces.
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  • Nootebooom Manoovr MPL-114-04(V) Ter Linden_08

    Four Nooteboom Manoovr’s for Ter Linden Transport

    May 2019

    Ter Linden Transport has specialised in the transport of windmills throughout Europe. Every year the company transports more than 200 wind turbines. To transport the wings, tower sections and nacelles Ter Linden has an extensive and modern fleet, including MWT Mega Windmill Transporters. Ter Linden has now also opted for the Manoovr semi low-loader. Their latest investment concerns four MPL-114-07(V) trailers that just has been delivered in the last weeks. These 7-axle extendible semitrailers, due to the low load floor, will be mainly used for the transport of nacelles and tower sections. In order to accommodate future developments these semi low-loaders are ready to be used with a Multidolly.
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  • Sobansky

    Sobanscy Transport – Megatrailers Light and Low

    May 2019

    In 1989 Ryszard Sobanski started a small transport company in Glowczyce, near the Baltic Sea coast. The company was extremely well organised and grew fast. In 2014 their 50th commercial vehicle hit the road and in 2016 the 100th employee was taken on. 2017 brought another milestone because in that year a separate department for abnormal transport was established. During the past year Nooteboom delivered as many as eleven new trailers for this new activity of Sobanscy.
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  • Affolter AG

    Affolter Transporte AG – Like a Swiss

    May 2019

    Affolter Transporte from the Swiss village Schüpfen has an ultra-modern fleet for abnormal transports. However, the heavy combinations of Affolter are rarely seen on the European motorways and they only visit the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp or Hamburg sporadically. Switzerland has a special place in Europe. It is not a member of the EU, but it is positioned as a sort of island in between the member states of the EU. The area Affolter Transporte operates in is the ‘Mittelland’. This is the undulating, partly flat plateau between Lake Constance and Lake Geneva. an interview with Rudolph and Ernst Affolter.
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  • Tahograf repair

    TAHOGRAF started as Nooteboom Service Center for Croatia

    May 2019

    TAHOGRAF d.o.o. from the Croatian Sveta Nedeljais started in March this year as a Nooteboom Service Center. Our new service partner is a privately owned company, established more than 60 years ago and is strategically located near Zagreb, just 5 minutes from the important main route A3 / E70. TAHOGRAF has a very modern equipped workshop and specialized engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in hydraulic systems. As an authorized dealer for various brands of trailers, they have many years of experience in the maintenance, service and repair of trailers.
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  • Quick response manufacturing

    Nooteboom Components – Quick Response Manufacturing

    May 2019

    Nooteboom Components is the name for the fully automated department at Nooteboom Trailers where components for trailers are produced. One of the existing production halls has been completely renewed inside. Ultramodern machinery for manufacturing vehicle components were installed In this hall, including a laser cutting machine, two new press brakes, a milling machine and a welding robot. Nooteboom Components works according to the ‘Quick Response Manufacturing’ method. This QMR-method is primarily aimed at reducing lead times in the production. But it also has a positive influence on the efficiency of the components’ production.
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  • Liebherr Windmill

    Wind energy without subsidy – background story

    April 2019

    End 1980 the first commercial wind project sprang up on the hillsides of Crotched Mountain in Southwest New Hampshire (USA): twenty windmills with a total capacity of 0.6 MW. The interest for wind energy blew over from the United States to Europe and in the nineties the number of windmills increased dramatically. Nooteboom keeps a close eye on the world of wind energy through own research. Wind energy is now used worldwide. Interesting emerging markets are Russia, Argentina, Saudi-Arabia and Vietnam. Lengthy procedures and stringent regulations restrict the growth in Europe. Everyone wants to back the switch to clean energy, but no one likes to see a windmill in their back yard. Via political decisions about the levels of subsidies, the government decides the pace at which we can switch to wind energy.
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  • Nooteboom stand BAUMA

    Nooteboom innovations at BAUMA 2019

    March 2019

    The Bauma, the largest trade fair in the world, is getting even bigger. For Nooteboom an ideal opportunity to present their latest developments for international abnormal transport and the latest trends for the construction industry. The Nooteboom stand, number FN 721/10, is on the huge outdoor area.
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