The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is a lightweight extendible flatbed Nooteboom semi-trailer. Available with 2 or 3 hydraulically steered axles and a single or double extendible load floor, extending up to a maximum length of 30m.

Teletrailer Longrunner

What are the advantages of using a TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER?

The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is ideal for the transport of long self-supporting loads, such as steel and concrete structures, but also for the transport of containers. The Nooteboom TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER contributes to maximum transport efficiency and minimum running costs. An extendible version with a dead weight of just 7,300 kg is available.

Excellent manoeuvrability

The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is equipped as standard with hydraulically steered axles, including manual steering and Nooteboom ASA alignment system. All axles are have hydraulic steering. Thanks to the extremely large steering angle of more than 50 degrees, the TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER offers more transport efficiency, less tyre wear and excellent manoeuvrability. The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is available with a choice of tyre sizes, including 235/75R17.5, 245/70R17.5, 435/50R19.5, 275/70R22.5 and 385/65R22.5. The customer can choose to have their trailer equipped with SAF or BPW axles, with drum brakes or disc brakes.

Highest standard for headboard

For the TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER Nooteboom has developed TÜV-certified headboards. There is a choice of 9 versions, with different heights, completely closed or partly closed with an open frame at the top. These headboards meet the highest standard in the market (NEN-EN 12642 code XL). The headboards are strong enough to stop at least 50% of the load capacity, up to a maximum of 25 tonnes against the headboard. Safety first!

Easy to operate

Nooteboom trailers are internationally renowned for their easy and intuitive operation of low-loaders, semi low-loaders and flatbed semi-trailers. This certainly applies to the TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER too, which is equipped as standard with electronic air-suspension and manual control. A Wabco lift axle control or Wabco Smartboard are optionally available. Various functions can be controlled with the Smartboard, such as raise/lower, axle loads readings, setting 2nd ride height, odometer and operating a lift axle.

Materials storage

For safe and convenient storage of e.g. wheel chocks and loose materials, Nooteboom provides various storage options such as open storage boxes and lockable stainless steel tool boxes. These are mounted as a substructure underneath the load floor. The substructure is available in different sizes, depending on the trailer type and chosen floor length. Within the dimensions that the customer has opted for he can choose where the open storage box, toolbox and/or spare wheel are positioned.

For storing the stakes, the TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER can be fitted with a removable galvanized stake storage behind the headboard. This storage offers place for up to 26 stakes. Alternatively, the stake storage can also be mounted at the left and right side under the loading surface.

Teletrailer Longrunner headboard
Teletrailer Longrunner

Road safety

The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is equipped as standard with LED side-marker lights in the side rave and can optionally be fitted on the extensions too. The rear side-marker lights operate synchronously with the flashing of the direction indicators and contribute to increased road safety.

The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is available, for example, with:

  • Single or double extendible load floor (max. length 30m)
  • TÜV-certified headboard in 9 versions
  • Low load floor height from 1.145 mm
  • Fifth wheel load 19t or 23t
  • Available with a choice of tyre sizes
  • Dead weight from 7.300kg
  • Wabco Smartboard
  • High payload, up to 42.5 tonnes at 80km/h
  • 2 or 3 hydraulically steered axles
  • Removable galvanised stake storage unit

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The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is as standard equipped with electronically air-suspended 10t axles and fitted with hydraulic turntable steering including manual steering. This makes for outstanding manoeuvrability and low maintenance costs. For further questions about this Teletrailer, please contact your contact person at Nooteboom.

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