Low loaders for the special transport market

Nooteboom designs and supplies low loaders for the special transport market that have been leading in the special transport ever since we started manufacturing this means of transport in 1953. EUROTRAILER is a more commonly used name for these types of trailers (or EURO low loaders). The name low loader or lowboy trailer stems from the fact that the trailer contains a low load floor. Nooteboom lowboy trailers have hydraulically steered axles or axle lines and are perfectly suitable for heavy transport, as it improves control convenience.

Low Loader

The features of a EURO low loader and EURO-PX low loader

Nooteboom offers two low loader variants: the EURO low loader and the EURO-PX low loader. Read the outline below to learn more about the features of these trailers:

EURO low-loader with jeepdolly and interdolly configurations

In order to enlarge the load capacity of the low loader, the EUROtrailer can be equipped with the applications described below:

  • The Jeepdolly with steered rear axles is fitted at the front between the tractor and the gooseneck. This makes the EUROTRAILER perfectly manoeuverable.
  • An Interdolly is placed between the gooseneck and the loading platform and is coupled with hooks at the front and rear.

If a low loader for the special transport market is what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to request a quote. Which is, of course, free of charge. Together we will find a low loader that best fits your transportation needs, so that you will every day experience the greatest possible added value for your business.
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