Four Nooteboom Manoovr’s for Ter Linden Transport

May 2019

Ter Linden Transport has specialised in the transport of windmills throughout Europe. Every year the company transports more than 200 wind turbines. To transport the wings, tower sections and nacelles Ter Linden has an extensive and modern fleet, including MWT Mega Windmill Transporters. Ter Linden has now also opted for the Manoovr semi low-loader. Their latest investment concerns four MPL-114-07(V) trailers that just has been delivered in the last weeks. These 7-axle extendible semitrailers, due to the low load floor, will be mainly used for the transport of nacelles and tower sections. In order to accommodate future developments these semi low-loaders are ready to be used with a Multidolly.

Nootebooom Manoovr MPL-114-04(V) Ter Linden_08
MANOOVR MPL SEMI LOW-LOADER with hydraulic steering and pendle axles

MANOOVR MPL SEMI LOW-LOADER with hydraulic steering and pendle axles

Loads with ever-increasing dimensions and weights, an infrastructure that is getting more congested all the time and different legislation in the various European countries mean that the international specialists in abnormal transport are faced with a challenge that is greater than ever. With the latest generation Nooteboom MANOOVR MPL semi low-loaders the modern transport operator can meet these challenges with ease. The combination of a floor height of 780mm with at least 12 tonnes per axle line anywhere in Europe – including the Netherlands – makes the MANOOVR MPL exceptional.

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