In addition to the multifunctional trailers for abnormal transport, Nooteboom also supplies SPECIALS: transport concepts specially designed for one particular application. These groundbreaking transport solutions are fully optimized for one single purpose and therefore are not part of any existing category. Precisely because these trailers are so specific and effective they are used all over the world. The Nooteboom SPECIALS are all designed to reduce the total logistical costs of certain projects.

Transport for wind energy

Nooteboom has been closely involved in the development of windmill transport ever since the advance of wind energy in 1990. Nooteboom, as a pioneer, has introduced many innovative and cost-saving transport concepts for companies such as Vestas, Enercon, Siemens and DegMicon.

A good example is the exchangable load floor with insert adapters for the transport of nacelles on low-loaders and modular trailers. This makes it possible to load/unload the cargo without using a crane. The same also applies to the tower piece adapters, which can carry tower sections with a large diameter without a load floor on low-loaders and modular trailers.

With the SPECIALS Nooteboom responds to the trend towards larger windmills. The current SPECIALS programme includes:

  • The MWT MEGA WINDMILL TRANSPORTER for the safe and efficient transport of larger tower sections as well as nacelles
  • The SWC SUPER WING CARRIER to transport extremely long rotor blades (up to 70 metres long) over the road.

Other applications

Nooteboom likes to think along with you about new transport concepts, also for applications other than windmill transport. If you have a specific question, please contact us.