MANOOVR MPL SEMI LOW-LOADER with hydraulic steering and pendle axles

  • 780 MM platform height

  • 500 MM suspension stroke

  • 12 Tons per axle line

  • 70º steering angle

MultitrailersLoads with ever-increasing dimensions and weights, an infrastructure that is getting more congested all the time and different legislation in the various European countries mean that the international specialists in abnormal transport are faced with a challenge that is greater than ever. With the latest generation Nooteboom MANOOVR MPL semi low-loaders the modern transport operator can meet these challenges with ease. The combination of a floor height of 780mm with at least 12 tonnes per axle line anywhere in Europe – including the Netherlands – makes the MANOOVR MPL exceptional.

Logo_Manoovr_rgbRevolutionary MANOOVR technology

When designing the MANOOVR MPL Nooteboom had just one goal in mind: to deliver the best specifications in the market on all the key points. And they succeeded: the Nooteboom MANOOVR MPL semi low-loader is in all respects superior to semi-trailers with any other type of (independent) suspension. Never before was a pendle axle construction this low. The MANOOVR technology is revolutionary, durable, solid and innovative. But above all its construction is simple and designed for the lowest running costs per mile. Nooteboom has applied for a patent in the Netherlands for the unique MANOOVR technology.

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