• 780 MM platform height

  • 500 MM Suspension stroke

  • 12 Tons per axle line

  • 300.000 km Lifetime tyres

  • 70º Steering Angle


When a large load requires a semi low-loader with more than seven axles the risk of overloading the tractor will increase. For extra load capacity and optimal weight distribution the MANOOVR MPL semi low-loader can be extended at the front with a Multidolly.

The alternative to modular trailers

Due to the high load capacity the MANOOVR MPL with Multidolly is an excellent alternative to most modular trailers, having the important advantages of its extremely simple operation, low dead weight and a single or double extendible floor with an additional enlargment beam if required.


Optimal steering

The steering of the Multidolly can be adjusted hydraulically to ensure optimal steering in extended or retracted position. Whether extended or retracted, the MANOOVR MPL semi low-loader follows the tractor perfectly and tyre wear is therefore kept to a minimum.


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More than 60 years’ experience Gerrit Kooij


Nooteboom has more than 60 years’ experience with pendle axles. That’s why Nooteboom stands for vehicles with a long life, proven technology and the lowest maintenance costs. With normal use and regular maintenance the following indications apply:

  • Life span of the tyres approx. 300,000 km
  • Overhaul brakes after approx. 600,000 km
  • Replace pivot bushing after approx. 600,000 km
  • Replace knee bearings after approx. 750,000 km
  • Replace swing bearings above the axles after approx. 1,200,000 km
  • Precautionary replacement of hydraulic hoses after approx. 4 years.

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