More Payload, Less Cost : The new 7-axle Ballast Trailer of Nooteboom

February 2015

Nooteboom Trailers sets a new standard with the ballast trailer OVB-95-07 for the transport of crane ballast. The trailer has been improved to meet the requirements as laid down in German legislation. Nooteboom uses sophisticated technology and high-grade steel to keep the dead weight as low as possible. And what’s more, the OVB-95-07 can be combined with either a 6×4 or an 8×4 tractor unit. The result: A high payload and low costs. The table below shows the maximum payload at 80 km/h, depending on the transport combination used :

Dead weight  combination Payload
7-axle Ballassttrailer + 6×4 tractor 97.5 t
(70.0 + 27.5)
97.5 t ca. 28 t ca. 69.5 t
7-axle Ballassttrailer + 8×4 tractor 97.5 t
(70.0 + 35)
100.0 t ca. 30 t ca. 70 t


The fact that the trailer can be used with a 6×4 tractor unit offers considerable advantages regarding purchase price, fuel consumption and tyre wear when compared with an 8×4 tractor unit.


Many advantages

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