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  • Goud Transport transports historic Whitcomb locomotive for SGB museum

    November 2017

    Under the watchful eye of the media and invited sponsors an exceptional transport of a historic locomotive took place on 7 November. It concerned a Whitcomb diesel locomotive from 1944, which was built during World War II for the US Army. The transport from Antwerp to the Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele (in short: SGB) in Goes was carried out by Goud Transport B.V from Waarde, who called in their specialist Hans Hoogesteger for this event.  With his 4-axle Scania P450 tractor and 4-axle Nooteboom Euro 86-14IFP with 1-axle Interdolly, Hans delivered the 65-tonne locomotive in Goes without any problems. Due to the integrated railway tracks in the floor and ramps of the low-loader there was no need for a heavy crane to unload the locomotive in Goes. This meant a significant reduction in the overall cost of the transport operation.
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  • Correction to notice regarding use of Nooteboom patent by Faymonville

    October 2017

    Recently it has been reported incorrectly in several publications that owing to their patent until 2025 Nooteboom is the sole party allowed to produce and market the combination of a deep excavator trough with pendle axles. After the ruling of the European Patent Office in 2015 which granted the patent to Nooteboom, Nooteboom has entered into a constructive dialogue with the company Faymonville regarding the use of this patent by Faymonville. For both parties this led to a satisfactory solution which gives Faymonville the right to produce and market trailers that feature the combination of a deep excavator trough with pendle axles. For this Faymonville has paid Nooteboom an appropriate remuneration.
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  • Transannaberg

    Transannaberg Wiesiollek – “We choose the most modern equipment”

    September 2017

    The A4 is the motorway that meanders through the flat landscape of southern Poland. Situated on the route from Wroclaw to Katowice – on the only mountain in the entire region – is the basilica of St. Anna, visited by more than 400,000 pilgrims every year. Joachim Wiesiollek started his transport company in 1987, together with his wife Mariola, from a small office near the basilica. The name ‘Transannaberg’ refers to the original company location. Transannaberg grew and moved later to Strzelce Opolskie.
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  • Nooteboom present at Matexpo, Kortrijk(B)

    August 2017

    From 6 to 10 September the Matexpo will open its doors. This international trade fair for building equipment takes place in Kortrijk, Belgium. For Nooteboom this exhibition is an important event to meet up with business relations and to present their innovations. This year at the Matexpo the Manoovr with excavator trough will make its first appearance in Belgium. We therefore would like to invite you to visit our stand (Hall 4, Stand 433).
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  • transport-gvw-60-tons

    Regulations for abnormal transport in Poland

    August 2017

    The Polish system for abnormal transport is – in principle – simple: three types of roads and seven categories of exemptions. Roads are approved for 8, 10 or 11.5 tonnes per axle. Exemptions are classified into Category 1 to 7. Category 1 is an exemption for regional and local traffic and Cat. 2 applies to agricultural machinery up to 3.5 metres wide. Cat. 3 grants exemption up to 3.2 metres wide, 23 metres long and 4.3 m high, but not for weight. In Cat. 4 the length permitted is 30 metres and the width 3.4 metres, provided the trailer is equipped with steering axles.
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  • Truck Trailer

    First extendible Manoovr with excavator trough for Van der Vlist

    July 2017

    At Van der Vlist they are always looking to optimise their transport fleet with vehicles for abnormal transport that are even more efficient. Therefore Van der Vlist has added to their fleet the latest 5-axle extendible Manoovr semi low-loader to transport construction machinery weighing up to around 60 tonnes. When carrying excavators or demolition machines the boom can be placed in the trough so that the total height of the load is considerably reduced.
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  • Nooteboom congratulates Tim Foundation with outstanding result

    May 2017

    During the Nooteboom Transport Days and Open Day Nooteboom supported the Tim Foundation. After 3 amazing Days at our facility in Wijchen with more than 5000 visitors we are happy that we can congratulate the Tim Foundation with an excellent result of EUR 101,900.- and we are happy that we have contributed to achieve this. The Tim Foundation supports dr. Jan Smeitink at the Radboud UMC University in Nijmegen in his research to find a drug against the mitochondrial energy-sapping disorder ‘Leigh disease’.
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  • Aertssen

    Aertssen – The orbital highway project in Qatar

    November 2016

    The Aertssen Group consists of three large divisions: construction & intra, cranes and transport. One of the projects Aertssen is working on in Qatar is the new orbital highway project. This expressway connects the industrial area of Ras Laffan with the new Hamad port area. The new ring road is approximately 200 kilometres long and has 14 traffic lanes….
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  • Nooteboom wins important patent case concerning Pendel-X low-loader with deep excavator trough

    November 2016

    From the first ‘swiveler’ with pendle axles to the MANOOVR: the already long list of innovations at Nooteboom is still growing. Consequently the need to properly protect these clever inventions grows too. Obtaining a patent is an important way to protect intellectual property and to ensure that our customers can always expect top quality. Just over ten years: that’s how long the juridical wrangling about the Pendle-X Euro low-loader with excavator trough that was developed by Nooteboom has lasted.
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  • nooteboom-ireland

    Nooteboom Ireland

    October 2016

    Nooteboom have been a major player in the Irish heavy haulage market for over twenty years and feel the time is right to establish a dedicated Irish distributor. Previously the market was supported via Nooteboom UK, the new company, Nooteboom Ireland Ltd, is born from a partnership between the long established Palfinger…
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