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NoVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation

NOVAB – The Nooteboom Vehicle Axle Load Calculation programme was developed by Nooteboom more than 20 years ago especially for their customers in the international abnormal transport sector.  The programme accurately calculates the optimal position for the loads on the vehicle combinations that are to be loaded. Users of the programme can choose from a wide range of predefined vehicles, such as box trucks, tractors, drawbar trailers and semi-trailers. If required the details of these vehicles can simply be adapted and it is also possible to put together different configurations. The same applies to selecting the load. Users can opt for a predefined load or enter the details of a load themselves. Based on all these details NoVAB then calculates the axle loads and the best possible axle load distribution. For the transport operator it is an important tool for choosing the right vehicle combination for a specific load and to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load. The number of NoVAB users has grown worldwide to more than 1200 companies.

NoVAB 3.0 Cloud

Meanwhile Nooteboom has developed the latest generation NoVAB: Nooteboom 3.0 Cloud version. This latest NoVAB offers important improvements and advantages. Selecting the right tractor-trailer and calculating how the weight of the load is distributed over the various axles is now even quicker and easier.

You can also specify whether one or several axles are to be lifted. With the push of a button the optimal load position, to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load, will be calculated. This will tell you in advance whether the complete combination with its load complies with the maximum axle loads that are permitted within a specific country. NoVAB generates a useful drawing of the general arrangement with all the relevant axle load details and other important parameters. On the one hand this document is extremely helpful when applying for an exemption and on the other hand it can be used to instruct the driver where to position the load on the trailer.

Novab dashboard

Your advantages with NoVAB 3.0

  • Always a clear overview of the axle loads
  • Prevents exceeding maximum axle loads
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Fully web-based, accessible worldwide
  • Suitable for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Helpful when applying for exemptions
  • Vehicle combinations and loads are updated continuously
  • Free automatic updates
  • Large database of predefined trucks, trailers and loads
  • Universally suitable for all types of trucks and trailers
  • Multilingual: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian

Check out the latest features and updates here

NOVAB versions

Always up-to-date

The new NoVAB 3.0 Cloud-version is fully web-based. For you this means that you no longer have to worry about updates, because the software is updated automatically so that all users have the same version at all times.  The software runs on the web and is therefore accessible worldwide.  You can simply log on using any device such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Extensive library of trucks, tractors, trailers and loads

NoVAB 3.0 has an extensive library of trucks, tractors, trailers and loads at its disposal. From here you can simply copy vehicles into your own vehicle fleet. The details can quickly and easily be adapted to your specific situation. It is also possible to import existing details from your current NoVAB 2000 in this new Cloud version. NoVAB 3.0 is a universal axle load calculation programme and therefore perfect to be used with all types of trucks and trailers.

For Nooteboom vehicles we can provide you with the details of your specific semi-trailer or drawbar trailer by chassis number.  NoVAB 3.0 also has an extensive library of loads that you can simply adapt and extend yourself.  Drawings of the loads can be read as a jpg or png file and then be adapted to suit your requirements.

Clear instruction videos

For the new NoVAB 3.0 axle load calculation programme we have compiled several short instruction videos.  They will show you in a clear and simple way how to use the NoVAB 3.0. You can view the various ‘HowTo’ instruction videos here.


The NoVAB 3.0 Cloud-version is available by subscription for which you pay EUR 199 per year for 1 user. Do you want to be able to work in NoVAB with 5 users simultaneously?  In that case we can offer you a choice of a multi-user subscription. If you prefer to first try out this latest version of NoVAB 3.0 you can opt for our 10-day free trial subscription. If you want to try it for longer you can opt for a 3 months’ trial subscription for EUR 59.

10 days
single user


3 months
single user

€ 59,-

1 year
 single user

€ 199,-

1 year
multi user (max.5)

€ 299,-

It is now even quicker and easier for you to calculate the optimal load positions for all your vehicle combinations to prevent exceeding the maximum axle loads. You will always have a clear overview of the axle loads!

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