About the Nooteboom Academy

The Nooteboom Academy is an initiative of the V-TAS training centre and Nooteboom Trailers. Together we offer a package of training and training courses intended for special transport drivers and other employees that are involved in abnormal transport, such as planners and transport escorts. Our portfolio by now includes 13 one or multi-day courses with mainly practical training. They offer a balanced mix of Code 95 courses and various courses for drivers in abnormal transport.


Up-to-date and practical

The training courses of the Nooteboom Academy are of interest to anyone who is involved in special transport, irrespective of their experience, background or type of vehicle. We work with up-to-date equipment, often a wide variety of trailers and if required: the equipment of the owner. On many occasions we decide together with our customers the form and content of the training course. This may include current issues, process changes and/or specific instructions. Our training courses are highly motivating. Unlike most other standard training courses the participants can put into practice what they have learned straightaway.

Open registration and tailor-made

The Nooteboom Academy organises training courses all year round for which participants can register beforehand. We also offer training and training courses at the customer’s premises. Together we draw up a tailor-made programme, work with familiar equipment only and set a date that suits the customer. This is ideal, especially for organisations with a small fleet.

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The advantages of the Nooteboom Academy

  • 13 different training courses, specifically aimed at abnormal road transport;
  • Taught by people with extensive technical know-how and years of practical experience;
  • Wide choice from a variety of different equipment units;
  • From individual training to training courses for a maximum of 20 participants;
  • Training at 14 Nooteboom Academy locations in the Netherlands and two locations in Belgium;
  • Training courses based on specific customer requirements;
  • Training courses at the customer’s premises, using their own equipment;
  • Better understanding of the equipment, improved safety, and lower maintenance and repair costs;
  • Small groups, plenty of personal attention;
  • Open registration all year round.

‘Practice-based transfer of knowledge is the starting point’


“Our instructors and trainers all have a great deal of experience in abnormal transport and therefore understand the kind of situations the driver finds himself in every day. On the road, but also during loading/unloading in the construction industry, in industrial environments and in petro-chemical industries. This practice-based transfer of knowledge is the starting point of our courses. It will be easier for the participants to put into practice what they learn. This will improve the efficiency, safety and
quality of the work they do”.

John van Oers
Director V-TAS and instructor Nooteboom Academy

For professional drivers it is compulsory to undergo 35 hours of refresher training every five years in order to keep their Code 95 competence. This training has to include at least 7 hours of practical training, the other 28 hours consisting of theoretical courses. Especially in abnormal transport it is important that the drivers don’t just show up to collect the obligatory points but also attend one or more suitable training courses. Preferably tailor-made. And practice-oriented. With the latest or their own equipment. With plenty of practical content. And if possible at a provider who knows the ropes and offers a broad, high-quality portfolio, specifically aimed at abnormal transport. That provider is now available: the Nooteboom Academy.


Our training locations

The training courses of the Nooteboom Academy are held at 14 locations throughout the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Bladel, Goes, Heerenveen, Montfoort, Oosterhout, Rozenburg, Schoonebeek, Susteren, Terneuzen, Wijchen, Zelhem and Zwijndrecht. We have many training courses in our new training centre in Zwijndrecht, where the Nooteboom Trailer Service is also located. There are also two locations in Belgium, namely in Arendonk and Lommel. The courses can also be conducted at the premises of our customers.In principle anything is possible.

Want to sign up?

Are you interested in a training course at the Nooteboom Academy? Let us know by filling in the form on the website. You will then hear from us when and where you can attend the course. All the training courses of the Nooteboom Academy are described in detail on our website. You can also read about the cost of your course, how long it takes and how many Code 95 hours you can earn. Courses at the Nooteboom Academy start from as little as 195 euro, excluding VAT.


More information?

Would you like to know everything about our training courses? Tailor-made advice? A quote? Or more general information? Feel free to get in touch with us. Give us a call on +31 85 1303914. Or send us an email at: We will be happy to help you find the right course and to answer any other questions
you may have.

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