Ter Linden Transport: Novab is an ideal aid for us when applying for permits and instructing drivers

May 2021

After the introduction of the Axle Load Calculation Program NoVAB 3.0 at the beginning of 2019, the number of international users is steadily increasing. The program is consulted by hundreds of users every day. One of the first users of this program is Ter Linden Transport from Doetinchem. In order to further optimize the program, continuous research is conducted into the user experiences with NoVAB 3.0. Nooteboom talked to CEO Roland ter Linden and technical coordinator Thomas Heezen.

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What do you think of Novab?

Our experiences with Novab in recent years are positive. It is a practical and user-friendly web application that can therefore be used everywhere and on other platforms. Graphically, the new application is a significant improvement over the previous “Novab 2000”.

What do you use Novab for?

Our Novab applications are diverse. We use this information to apply for transport exemptions because of the accurate and proper calculation of the axle loads and the clear representation thereof, including the axle distances. In addition, we use the clear display and calculation to instruct our drivers on the loading plan. Finally, we occasionally use the overview with the calculation when making our transport quotations.

How often do you use Novab?

With us, the use of Novab mainly lies with 2 people. The application is applied regularly, several times a week.


Would you recommend Novab to other special transporters?

Because the application is easy to use and the calculations are accurate, this application is an important addition for other carriers within the exceptional transport. Especially because it is an ideal aid when applying for permits and instructing drivers.


How did you experience Nooteboom’s support with regard to Novab?

Our experiences with the support from Nooteboom are very positive. After we went live with Novab 3.0, we soon had a number of questions, wishes and improvements. Nooteboom listened very carefully to our questions and they responded quickly. The functionalities are now working to full satisfaction. For that reason, we have not had to call on Nooteboom’s support department for quite some time now.


What addition would you like to see in Novab?

Because we have many heavy transport tractors with a slidable 5th wheel in our fleet, it would be desirable to be able to shift and optimize this dish position more easily when making a calculation.

ter Linden

All in all, we are very satisfied with the NoVAB 3.0 Axle load calculation program. On a scale of 1-10 it gets a big 8 from us.

Roland ter Linden, General Manager Ter Linden Transport
Thomas Heezen, Technical coordinator Ter Linden Transport

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