Nooteboom Trailers B.V. is a leading international company offering their customers innovative and complete solutions for abnormal transport. Nooteboom designs and builds trailers of the highest quality with a payload of 20 to 200 tonnes. The product range includes semi-trailers, low-loaders, drawbar trailer and semi low-loaders. Every Nooteboom trailer has an excellent price-quality ratio thanks to the low total cost of ownership. Quality, reliability and the greatest ease of use are also paramount.

By continually investing in the best solutions for their customers Nooteboom is characterised by pioneering innovations in special transport. Because it is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Nooteboom to continually surprise their customers with ground-breaking innovations. As they did in 2015 with the introduction of the new MANOOVR semi low-loader, for which Nooteboom received several prestigious awards such as the ESTA Award and the RAI SV Innovation Award.

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Regulations for abnormal transport in Poland


The Polish system for abnormal transport is – in principle – simple: three types of roads and seven categories of exemptions. Roads are approved for 8, 10 or 11.5 tonnes per axle. Exemptions are classified into Category 1 to 7. Category 1 is an exemption for regional and local traffic and Cat. 2 applies to agricultural machinery up to 3.5 metres wide. Cat. 3 grants exemption up to 3.2 metres wide, 23 metres long and 4.3 m high, but not for weight. In Cat. 4 the length permitted is 30 metres and the width 3.4 metres, provided the trailer is equipped with steering axles. Read more

Nooteboom PowerUp

The Nooteboom PowerUp is a newly developed lift axle, including a starting-off aid, for semi-trailers with axles that are equipped with hydraulic suspension. Lift axles have already been widely used for years on axles with air suspension, but for axles with hydraulic suspension the possibilities were limited. The core of PowerUp is a clever hydraulic controller, combined with software that was developed by Nooteboom. It makes PowerUp reliable and very simple to operate. Read more

Kahl Schwerlast – On the move with the latest technology


The KAHL Unternehmensgruppe has since the takeover by Andreas and Rainer KAHL in 2005 quickly changed from a transport company into a logistics service provider, where process management is more important than wheels. A successful operation, because KAHL came through the crisis without many problems and the outlook for the coming years is good. Is there a formula for this success? Yes, because as well as using the latest technology Andreas and Rainer Kahl manage to get hold of the best and most experienced employees – from driver to management – for their company. In February two Nooteboom Manoovr 3+7 semi low-loaders were delivered to two very happy drivers. Read more

New & Used trailers

Are you looking for a low-loader, semi low-loader, teletrailer, drawbar trailer, modular trailer or heavy transport tractor? Take a look here at which new and used trailers are available right now. Read more

Transportdays Aftermovie online

Thursday 11th and Friday 12th May, Nooteboom organized the Transport Days on their premises in Wijchen. With over 1200 visitors the Transport Days were a great success! Also the Open Day on Saturday was very successful with more than 3700 visitors. We thank everyone who has visited these events. Have you missed the Transport days and Open Day, watch the Aftermovie for a wonderful impression. Watch aftermovie

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Manoovr with excavator trough


New Manoovr semi lowloader with excavator trough

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Nooteboom Euro-PX lowloader


In 2005 Nooteboom brought the revolutionary EURO-PX low-loader on the market. For the first time a wide and deep wheel well was combined with pendle axles in the axle assembly. The EURO-PX low-loader with patented Pendel-X technology proves to be an important addition for low-loader transport.

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MANOOVR MPL SEMI LOW-LOADER with hydraulic steering and pendle axles

Loads with ever-increasing dimensions and weights, an infrastructure that is getting more congested all the time and different legislation in the various European countries mean that the international specialists in abnormal transport are faced with a challenge that is greater than ever.

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The Nooteboom SUPER WING CARRIER is specially designed to transport extremely long windmill rotor blades by road in a handy and efficient way. In order to generate more power the windmills are getting bigger and bigger. And the rotor blades are getting bigger and longer too, measuring up to 70m in length.

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SEMI LOW-LOADERS with hydraulic steering

Over the years Nooteboom has made a convincing case internationally for their SMART programme of 3-axle and 4-axle semi low-loaders with self-tracking axles. To offer the transport operator extra advantages, Nooteboom now also offers hydraulic steering on all semi low-loaders in the SMART programme, under the name MCOS semi low-loaders.

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