Used low loader trailers

Nooteboom has a large stock of used low loader trailers and used low bed semi trailers. At the Nooteboom Global Trailer Centre in Wijchen we import used semi trailers and export them as used trailers. When you buy a new (semi) low bed trailer from Nooteboom you can sell your used low loader trailer or used lowboy trailer to us. Our service & repairs team will renovate your used lowboy trailer and then ship it worldwide.

Wide range of used trailers

Thanks to this one-stop-shopping service we always have a wide range of used lowboy trailers in stock. The various brands we offer include Nooteboom, Goldhofer, Scheuerle, Faymonville, Broshuis, Nicolas and Doll. See here whether your preferred make of used low loader trailer is in stock.


Full-service dealer for used lowboy trailers

Nooteboom Global Trailer Centre is one of the leading full-service dealers in Europe for used low loader trailers. We can also help you to sort out exemptions and customs documents, if needed. And for service, repairs and parts for your used trailer you can call on the Nooteboom Global Trailer Centre.

Nooteboom stock

Any questions? Please contact us for further information about the used trailers of Nooteboom.