NOVAB new features and updates

We are continiously updating and improving NOVAB 3.0.

On this page you find an overview of the improvements and updates over the time.

May 2019 – New features and Updates

The axle distances and the dimensions of the rear overhang of the load are now visible in the calculation overview. This gives you an even better insight into the total length of the combination.

A much-requested update with crane ballast transports. In the latest release it is now also possible to add more than one load

It is now possible to add the same load quickly and easily by copying it, as this often the case with ballast blocks.

For the best representation of a calculation with multiple loads. Adding the order of loads is no longer important for visualization so that you can easily and quickly select the desired loads.

By popular demand, we have taken over this functionality from Novab 2000 to make working with Novab 3.0 even easier.

Show images in the own cargo overview.
In your own load overview items are indicated with images, so that you can find the desired load  even faster and easier.

News messages in the home screen
These were not always clearly visible to users, we have improved the display of the News Messages.

Highlighting of selected axle in truck and trailer management
In the truck and trailer editing screen it was not always clear which values ​​were selected, we have now implemented an update for visual support.

Rounding factor: rounded to 1, 10 or 100 per user.
For permit applications and the associated rounding rules that may differ per country, it is now also possible to set the rounding factor as desired.

Decreasing the rotation percentage steps from 10 degrees per click to 3 degrees per click
To refine the representation of, for example, the loading of aerial platforms partly on the gooseneck and the loading surface.