Driver self-propelled equipment experienced

Exceptional transport or abnormal transport applies to loads that exceed the normal legal maximum dimensions and weights for a ‘normal’ transport. In this sector Nooteboom is a leader in innovating and manufacturing appropriate, high-quality solutions for the transport of any kind of abnormal load. The transport of abnormal loads with our advanced equipment requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge of the equipment, all the deviating regulatory requirements and of course a different style of driving on the road.The course Driver self-propelled equipment covers the safe and responsible transport of self-propelled equipment on semi low-loaders and low-loaders and/or drawbar trailers on the Dutch road network. We are talking about transports that require the driver to load and unload self-propelled or crawling equipment on the vehicle, using ramps, steel planking or wedges.

Chauffeur zelfrijdend materieel ervaren

Target group and admission requirements

Drivers with some experience of driving HGV combinations who want to gain competence in the transport of self-propelling equipment.

  • Participants must have a valid driving licence C and E.
  • Drivers must have a valid CCV-certificate of competence/code 95.

Content of the training

The training consists of theoretical and practical courses.


During the theoretical course the following subjects are covered:

  • Legal requirements and regulations
  • Exemptions; interpretation (reading) and applications
  • Route selection, route investigation digital and live
  • Vehicle selection/optimal configuration of the vehicle in combination with the load
  • Cross-border transport
  • Types of self-propelled equipment


The practical course covers the following:

  • Configuration and initial check of the correct vehicle combination
  • Technical aspects of the vehicle or draw bar trailer
  • Application of legal rules and regulations
  • Driving the self-propelled equipment, access platforms, telescopic handlers and fork-lift trucks on the trailer
  • Securing the load and checking the load
  • Route check (digital)
  • Driving the equipment
  • Unloading the equipment him/herself


At the end of the training the participants take an exam and if they pass the trainees receive a diploma and certificate of competence in accordance with the Law on Working Conditions, which is valid for 5 years.

General information

Price € 399 per person excl. btw and excl. registration ccv.
Refresher course Code 95 7 hours
Duration of the training 1 day, including exam.
Training location From our branches, the routes are driven that are approved for the training and examination
In Company From 2 candidates with an extra charge for the costs of the incidental exemption for the training route and vehicle.
Number of trainees It is possible to sign up for the course with 2 candidates or more.
Starting date For the actual starting date please refer to our agenda at If an appropriate date is not scheduled, a suitable solution can always be agreed upon.
Subsidy options V-TAS is a training centre approved by: SOOB – OOM – Colland – KMO Portefeuille.

Further information about the training

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