Nooteboom Academy® starts cooperation with V-TAS training for courses Code95 and Driver Abnormal Transport

December 2018

V-TAS training centre in Bladel and Nooteboom Trailers are starting an exclusive cooperation for specific training and courses aimed at abnormal road transport. The focus is on Code95 and Driver Abnormal Transport training. The teaching programs have been put together in cooperation with V-TAS, which resulted in a comprehensive package of targeted training for abnormal transport. The portfolio by now contains 13 courses for the driver to choose from, varying from 1-day to 4-day courses, awarding the driver with 7 to a maximum of 28 Code95 hours.

Why the Nooteboom Academy?

Robert Nijhuis, director Sales & Services Nooteboom Trailers, about this decision: “We want to be able to offer our customers the complete package and the lowest running costs (Total Cost of Ownership). The driver, who uses the trailer, has a big influence on the repair and maintenance costs. Proper training can help to reduce maintenance costs. But safety aspects too, including load securing, are dealt with comprehensively.”

General Courses


Robert Nijhuis: “We start off with the Nooteboom Academy® in the Netherlands and Belgium, but eventually we will present the courses in other languages too. We intend to roll out the Nooteboom Academy® into other European countries.”

The courses of the Nooteboom Academy® consist of a theoretical and practical part, giving the trainees the opportunity to straightaway test in practice the knowledge they have gained. Robert Nijhuis: “Due to the shortage of drivers we increasingly come across young, inexperienced drivers who will have to work with complex equipment. It is in the interest of our customers to have well-trained drivers. With the Nooteboom Academy we try to contribute toward this objective.”

About V-Tas

John van Oers, director V-TAS: ‘’In the approx. 20 years that V-TAS has been active in training personnel in the horizontal and vertical transport sectors we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise. This means we are well-placed to give you the best advice in the choice of appropriate training.”

Due to its practical character the training of V-TAS clearly adds value. John: “Our instructors and trainers have a great deal of experience in abnormal transport and therefore they understand the kind of situations the driver finds himself in on the road every day and during loading/unloading in the construction, petro-chemical and other industries. This is what our courses are based on. It means that it will be easier for you to put into practice what you learn. It will improve the efficiency, the safety and the quality of the job”.

Nooteboom Academy

From practice to theory

Both V-TAS and the Nooteboom Academy® apply an unusual principle.

John: “We work from practice to the theory; all our courses are practice-orientated and often take place at one of our well-equipped locations with up-to-date equipment. For instance, we bought a new hydraulically steered and extendible Nooteboom semi low-loader. This motivates the trainees enormously, because they realise that they can straightaway put into practice what they have learned. The theory is coupled to the practice, so that it becomes clear why you have to learn certain things. Awareness also plays an important role. Employees have to be aware that they have a responsibility towards the equipment, traffic and the load they transport, as well as the safety and quality of the work they do.”

Trainingsvoertuig V-tas
Speciaal voor de Nooteboom Acadamy trainingen investeerde V-tas recentelijk in een MCOS semidieplader.

Training locations

The training courses of the Nooteboom Academy® are held at 14 locations throughout the Netherlands.  There are also 2 locations in Belgium. The latest addition is the training centre in Zwijndrecht, at the same location as the Nooteboom Trailer Service branch. The courses can also be conducted at the premises of the customer.



For more information about the complete overview of the courses Code95 and Driver Abnormal Transport you can contact the Nooteboom Academy®, by phone on 085-1303914 or by email