New Nooteboom EURO-PX low loaders for Van Wieren Special

July 2019

Van Wieren Special from Emmeloord has just expanded its transport fleet with 2 new EURO-PX low-loaders. The latest investment is a 3-axle Pendel axle low-loader with 1-axle integrated interdolly, type EURO-86-13IFP, and a 4-axle PXE low-loader with 2-axle removable interdolly, type EURO-122-24ICP.

Van Wieren - Nooteboom EURO-86-13IFP lowloader-landscape
Van Wieren - Nooteboom EURO-86-13IFP lowloader

The EURO-86-13IFP is characterized by the extremely compact built-in dolly, which results in a considerable weight saving and therefore higher payload. The gooseneck of the 1-bed-3 is suitable for both 3 and 4 axle tractors. The fifth wheel load ratio can also be adjusted in many positions, so that the loading capacity of the tractor is maximally utilized.

For the transport of larger and heavier construction machines, the fleet has been expanded with a 2-bed-4 EURO-PX lowloader that is equipped with a wide extendable load floor and a removable Interdolly Compact. The gooseneck is suitable for both 4-axle and 5-axle tractors.

Van Wieren - Nooteboom EURO-122-24ICP lowloader_WIDE

About Van Wieren

Van Wieren Special BV – a renowned customer of Nooteboom for many decades – specializes in transporting and distributing self-propelled machines up to a weight of 100 tons. These machines, often intended for road construction, industry and agriculture, can be on tires and caterpillars. In addition, Van Wieren Special BV also transports all other exceptional loads such as (parts for) wind farms, gas turbines, pipelines, etc. For all this transport, Van Wieren Special has a very extensive fleet of Nooteboom EURO-PX low-loaders in various designs, ranging from 3-axle low-loaders to 5-axle low-loaders with 3-axle Interdollies. Van Wieren was one of the first transporters to make the choice in 2005 for the Nooteboom PXE lowloader because of the wide and deep excavator through in the axle assembly combined with the large load capacity and maneuverability of the pendulum axles. A choice that after all these years underlines the strong relation between Nooteboom and Van Wieren Special.

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