How does the emergency operation of my hydraulically steered semi-trailer work?

Whether your semi-trailer is equipped with an emergency system depends on the year of manufacture and the ASA steering printed circuit version. If this printed circuit (grey connection box in picture below) has a white pushbutton your trailer will be equipped with an emergency system. In all other cases you will have to check in several places what causes the malfunction.

The emergency system works as follows:

Push the white pushbutton, this will switch on the pump and at the same time, using the black valve buttons, move the control valve (mounted on the aluminium distributor block) completely up or down or from left to right (depending on the position of the control valve). This will activate the emergency system and you will be able to move the axles.

Please note:

The brakes must be released and driving forward or reversing with a loaded vehicle must be at low pace in order to keep the friction/resistance between the tyres and the road surface to a minimum.

If this doesn’t work we suggest you contact the department Aftersales or the service workshop in Wijchen or Zwijndrecht to make an appointment or to book a service mechanic.

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