Norm knee bearing pendle axle PX2

The maximum play at the centre of the wheels may be around 5 mm. Any measurement exceeding this results in a fail.

  1. For the EURO, IC, OVBT and OVBQ and MANOOVR the measurement is 570 mm (distance A) from the centre of the knee bearing.
  2. The pendle bearing bush must be in horizontal
  3. The measurements must be taken with the wheels on the ground and locked, so that via manual steering the play that may be present can be measured. This should not be more than 5 mm in both directions.
  4. The measurement can also be taken by attaching a ruler to the cover of the knee bearing. The ruler/ measuring point must (in side view) be positioned in the centre of the knee bearing. Ensure that distance A is correct as shown in the figure below.
Knee bearing