What should I do if my manual override steering is not working?

  • Check that all the connection cables (NATO + ISO-N + ISO-S + ABS/EBS) are connected.
    It’s important that all the cables mentioned above are connected.
  • Inspect the connection cables for visible damage and check the plugs and plug sockets of the tractor and the semi-trailer.
    Sometimes a contact pin is pushed back when the connection cables are connected and as a result the contact is impaired and causes a malfunction.
  • Check the fuses of the manual steering (see: where are the fuses of my manual steering).
  • Check whether the red warning light on the left side of the front of the semi-trailer is blinking.
    If this light is blinking it indicates that the ASA printed circuit board, which is located in the control box, does not receive a speed signal.
    If everything mentioned above has been checked and the manual steering is still not working we suggest you contact our service workshop in Wijchen or Zwijndrecht (NL).
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