NOVAB 2000

Nieuw! NoVAB 3.0 Cloud

Meanwhile Nooteboom has developed the latest generation NoVAB: Nooteboom 3.0 Cloud version. This latest NoVAB offers important improvements and advantages. Selecting the right tractor-trailer and calculating how the weight of the load is distributed over the various axles is now even quicker and easier. You can also specify whether one or several axles are to be lifted. With the push of a button the optimal load position, to prevent exceeding the maximum axle load, will be calculated. This will tell you in advance whether the complete combination with its load complies with the maximum axle loads that are permitted within a specific country.


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NoVAB 2000 – Nooteboom Vehicle Axle Load Calculation Program (DEPRECATED)
The PC-program for calculating the optimal cargo location on trailers to avoid overload.

In NoVAB-2000 several loads can be placed on one vehicle. The cargo can be positioned one after the other, next to each other, or stacked. You are free to choose where you want to position the loads, for instance on the gooseneck or on the rear axle assembly. Of course the loads can have different dimensions and weight. If one single load is placed on the trailer, NoVAB will choose the best position on the semi-trailer or trailer. But when several loads are placed on the vehicle you can
decide where the loads are positioned. The effect of the load on the individual axle weights, as well as the total combined weight will be calculated by NoVAB-2000. If one or more loads are repositioned, the values of the axle weights will change accordingly.

Patches & Updates

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