Nooteboom Teletrailer with special Netcap sliding canopy system

January 2021

Just before the lockdown last December, Netcap and Nooteboom gave interested parties the opportunity to view a Nooteboom Teletrailer – fitted with a Netcap sliding canopy system – at Van Rijssel carrosseriebedrijf. Van Rijssel is involved in this special superstructure as a permanent partner. In these times, when large events are not possible, they have succeeded in making an informative and safe presentation.

The concept of sliding canopy system on an extendible Teletrailer is meeting with increasing demand. For this reason a suitable alternative was sought to inform interested parties about the possibilities. Netcap also had a video made for companies that, given the current circumstances, were not able to visit us. Click here for the video.

More than three years ago Netcap developed a method to cover an extending trailer in a very simple way. The trailer is fitted with both a tarpaulin and a cover. A double rail system is used that even in the maximum extended position there is rail overlap.

Nooteboom Teletrailer Nedcap

This allows the system to be rolled up and down by one person at all times. There is also an extendable floor in the trailer so that the hole created when the trailer is extended is also covered. This protects the load from the weather. Another advantage of this concept is the enormous time saved after the extension. In just one minute after extending, a load of more than twenty metres can be covered.