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  • Operation Hydraulic Liftaxle

    Nooteboom PowerUp

    August 2017

    The Nooteboom PowerUp is a newly developed lift axle, including a starting-off aid, for semi-trailers with axles that are equipped with hydraulic suspension. Lift axles have already been widely used for years on axles with air suspension, but for axles with hydraulic suspension the possibilities were limited. The core of PowerUp is a clever hydraulic controller, combined with software that was developed by Nooteboom. It makes PowerUp reliable and very simple to operate.
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  • mcos-4-axle

    Robust lightweight semi low-loaders

    July 2017

    All versions are available with 3 or 4 axles and a fixed or extendible load floor. Because these semi-trailers are also used to carry out transports without exemptions, a low dead weight is very important. Owing to the efficient production method the purchase price of the semi low-loaders from the SMART programme is reasonable.
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