Robust lightweight semi low-loaders

July 2017

The Nooteboom SMART-programme


The SMART semi low-loader programme of Nooteboom offers two different types:
the OSDS self-steering semi low-loaders and the MCOS with hydraulic steering.

All versions are available with 3 or 4 axles and a fixed or extendible load floor. Because these semi-trailers are also used to carry out transports without exemptions, a low dead weight is very important. Owing to the efficient production method the purchase price of the semi low-loaders from the SMART programme is reasonable.

The advantage lies in the construction

When the SMART programme was being developed, a low dead weight was an important objective. This is not easy. First of all the trailer must be multifunctional and able to carry various kinds of loads. When carrying tracked vehicles all the weight rests on the side raves and with a box the full weight is often concentrated on just a few metres of the load surface. Secondly, the trailer has to have a high load capacity. For example: the OSDS-58-04 is a self-steering 4-axle semi low-loader that is ideal for the transport of construction machinery. The dead weight is 9.1 tonnes. Without an exemption this trailer can carry a load of around 23.5 tonnes in Germany. With an exemption this load capacity is more than double: 48 tonnes! Nooteboom used advanced calculation methods when designing it to ensure that SMART trailers are strong but light in weight.

Type Axles GVW Steering Extendible Deadweight
OSDS-41-03 3 41T 1 x steered no 7.5T
OSDS-48-03 3 48T 1 x steered no 8.0T
OSDS-48-03V 3 48T 1 x steered yes 8.5T
OSDS-58-04 4 58T 2 x steered no 9.1T
OSDS-58-04V 4 58T 2 x steered yes 9.6T
MCOS-41-03 3 41T 2 of 3 x hydr. no 8.6T
MCOS-48-03 3 48T 2 of 3 x hydr. no 9.0T
MCOS-48-03V 3 48T 3 x hydraulic yes 9.8T
MCOS-58-04 4 58T 3 x hydraulic no 10.2T
MCOS-58-04V 4 58T 4 x hydraulic yes 11.2T
The weights in the table are the weights of the basic version without optional ramps. These dead weights are also entered as such in the trailer’s papers.

Light but strong: that’s the result of clever engineering

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