New regulation for axle load monitoring equipment on trailers.

June 2020

In Germany all vehicles with a §70 approval must be equipped with a system to monitor the axle load from June 2021. Nooteboom uses pressure gauges for this in combination with an axle load table, which complies with the regulations with regard to §70. This facility is often lacking for older vehicles. This means that from June 2021, no new §70 will be issued for these vehicles in Germany. However, this is easy to solve with the Nooteboom pressure gauge mounting kit. With this complete set, including all necessary accessories and a manual, you can easily retrofit the gauges to your vehicle. Both air suspended and hydraulic suspended vehicles.

If you are also transporting loads through Germany, make sure that your vehicles are equipped with these gauges in time, so that applying for a §70 remains problem-free for you.

Take advantage of our temporary promotion for the pressure gauge mounting set, where you can benefit from an extra low price until the end of May.

If your trailer is equipped with an interdolly, jeepdolly or multidolly, you will also need a body kit for this.

Manometer hydraulisch - DSCF2226

For orders or questions about this body kit for axle load measurement, please e-mail stating the chassis number of the trailer or call +31 24 6488824.