Latest Nooteboom MANOOVR Semi Low-loader for van Wijgerden Transport

February 2016

Rinus van Wijgerden has been a loyal customer of Nooteboom Trailers for 30 years. Van Wijgerden is always at the forefront with his investment in innovative transport solutions. As is the case with the EURO-PX low-loader, the MULTI-PX semi low-loader and now the Manoovr semi low-loader. A few months ago the first 6-axle Manoovr was delivered and the next one, with 4 axles, will follow soon. Rinus: “The Manoovr is the only semi low-loader that effectively gives us a 12-tonne axle load, also in the Netherlands. Apart from these two Manoovr semi low-loaders a 2-axle Pendel-X has been ordered. For this one we gave our first Nooteboom, 30 years old, in part exchange. The trade-in price? Rinus: “I am extremely happy with it.”

With the Manoovr we just increased our lead!


How are the first experiences with the Manoovr?

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