Three Innovation Awards for the Nooteboom MANOOVR

June 2016

During the past six months transport companies across Europe have chosen en masse for the Nooteboom Manoovr. More than 500 axle lines have already been sold and many of these have been delivered by now. The Manoovr MPL semi low-loaders are available with 3 up to 10 axle lines. Marinka Nooteboom: “For almost two years we worked very hard on the development of the Manoovr. In that period we ourselves became more and more enthusiastic about the advantages of Manoovr, but the introduction was not without some suspense. Are our customers going to share our enthusiasm and how will the trade press react? We are delighted with the three Awards we received during the past year. They indicate that our enthusiasm for the Manoovr is shared by the panels of expert judges. And we are even more delighted with the large number of orders. We see this as an appreciation for all our personnel, from trainee to director: everyone in their own place has contributed to the Manoovr and its success.”

The SV Innovation Award

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