Nooteboom rises to 66th place in Dutch manufacturing top 100

December 2020
Taylor - EURO-128-34(ICP)+sprout

The Dutch Manufacturing top 100 list is compiled annually by MT/Sprout in cooperation with CFI Netherlands. This consists of manufacturing companies with a Dutch parent company that manufacture and supply products to other companies (B2B) and directly to consumers (B2C). On Thursday 3 December, the TOP 100 list was announced, with Nooteboom (turnover 113 million euro) rising no less than 17 places to position 66 on the list. This makes Nooteboom one of the best and most successful manufacturing companies in the Netherlands that form the backbone of the Dutch industry.

For the establishment of the list CFI Netherlands has selected the 300 largest SME manufacturing companies with a turnover of up to 500 million euro. These companies are judged on 4 factors: turnover, turnover growth, EBIT and their ROIC. The companies in the top 100 list of 2020 jointly realised a turnover of 13.7 billion euro. A growth of almost 600 million euro compared to the previous year. The 2020 edition is based on registered figures from 2019.

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