Nooteboom granted a patent for the Lift Adaptors of the Mega Windmill Transporter

February 2019
Nooteboom Mega Windmill Transporter_high res

MWT unique logistics concept for the transport of large tower sections

At the end of last year Nooteboom has been granted the European patent (Number EP1558464) for the LIFTAD, the special lift adaptors for the Mega Windmill Transporter.  Soon after being granted the patent for the EURO-PX low-loader this is another important innovation success for Nooteboom Trailers. Being granted the patent took a very long time, as it did with the EURO-PX low-loader, but in this case it even took 13 years. The LIFTAD was already registered for an international patent in 2005. This latest patent for Nooteboom will remain valid until the end of 2023.

Nooteboom Mega WIndmill Transporter

The LIFTAD-100 of the Mega Windmill Transporter is specially developed for the transport of large tower sections, up to just over 40 metres in length without using a loading floor. After its introduction in 2005 the MWT was over the years used to transport the Vestas V90-3MW nacelle, which was clamped with special adaptors in the LIFTAD. Up until today the concept of the Nooteboom MWT has hardly changed and it is still the most innovative and efficient transport solution for the transport of large tower sections. This is especially due to the important logistical advantages that the MWT offers. We come across the MWT in various combinations, e.g. with a 2, 3 or 4-axle jeepdolly at the front, a 7-axle self-tracking dolly at the rear, or sometimes it is combined at the rear with a 5- or 6-axle modular trailer. The LIFTAD is stepless adjustable so that various diameters of tower sections can be transported. Depending on the diameter of the tower section, the LIFTAD has a lifting capacity of 100 tons.

Nooteboom MWT Mega WIndmill Transporter with 3-axle Jeepdolly, LIFTAD100 and NLD70

The MWT is an important transport concept within the market of wind energy. More than 80 Mega Windturbine Transporters have been delivered that are all still in use, and every year new MWT’s are added to this number. Just as was the case with the EURO-PX, Nooteboom proves once again that their groundbreaking innovations for abnormal road transport are extremely durable and have an unprecedented economic and technical lifespan.

Nooteboom gets you there.

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