New ASDV drawbar semi low-loader with wheel wells

September 2021

In the ASDV drawbar semi low-loader program, Nooteboom recently launched an updated version of the ASDV-40-22W, which now includes air suspension and an EBS braking system as standard. This drawbar semi low-loader is equipped with wheel wells at the front and rear, so that now even larger wheel loaders and mobile cranes can be transported within the permitted height clearance.

Fuhler ASDV-40-22 - 2


Depending on the chosen version and options, this 4-axle drawbar semi low-loader with 2 axles at the front and 2 axles at the rear has a useful payload of up to approximately 31.5 tons at 80 km/h. The ASDV-40-22W is multifunctional, such as for transporting divisible cargo, containers and construction machines on tracks. If necessary, the wheel wells can easily be closed, creating a completely flat loading floor. For this purpose, removable galvanized supports with integrated sliding width enlargers and hardwood floor boards are available. Optionally, the wheel wells can also be completely filled with hardwood sections.

shovel op dieplader

Maximum grip

The wheel wells are equipped with steel cross ribs that provide maximum grip when driving in and out. The position of the wheel wells also provides optimal weight distribution of the load. The wheel well dimensions are suitable for all common brands and types of wheel loaders with different tyre diameters, axle distances and weights.

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The ASDV-40-22W drawbar semi low-loader is exceptionally strong and has excellent torsional stiffness. The chassis has a long-lasting durable preservation and is completely hot zinc sprayed. This increases the lifetime of the drawbar trailer and contributes to a higher residual value. The high quality is further reflected in the use of only top-quality A-brand components, including SAF axles, Hella lighting, Goodyear tyres and Wabco braking system. The drawbar trailer has a complete range of standard equipment, including folding widening consoles in the loading area, and can be optimized as desired with the available options.