MultitrailersOver the years Nooteboom has made a convincing case internationally for their SMART programme of 3-axle and 4-axle semi low-loaders with self-tracking axles. To offer the transport operator extra advantages, Nooteboom now also offers hydraulic steering on all semi low-loaders in the SMART programme, under the name MCOS semi low-loaders.

The art of simplicity

The hydraulic steering system of the MCOS semi low-loaders has been kept as simple as possible while maintaining all the advantages of a Nooteboom steering system. The hydraulically steered axles have a maximum steering angle of 45 degrees, making the trailer extremely manoeuvrable and able to reach places for loading/unloading where access is difficult. The steering system also provides considerable cost-savings because tyre wear is kept to a minimum. And what’s more, the low dead weight offers a very generous load capacity, for transport within the legal weight limits as well as transport with permit.

Available to everyone

Many thousands of Nooteboom SMART semi low-loaders are by now being used for the transport of construction machinery, access platforms, road construction equipment, agricultural machinery and crane-loaded goods. With the Nooteboom MCOS a semi low-loader with hydraulic steering is now within easy reach of even more transport operators. The MCOS semi low-loaders are extremely user-friendly and offer increased transport efficiency.

Smart investment

The MCOS semi low-loaders have an excellent price/quality ratio thanks to the broad, market-oriented concept and sophisticated production method. The finish and conservation are of a particularly high quality, the chassis being fully hot zinc sprayed. Durability, low maintenance costs and a competitive purchase price ensure that the MCOS semi low-loader is an excellent investment.

MCOS semi low-loader

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