Update semi low loader program for machine transport

November 2020

The SMART semi low-loaders program has undergone another major update. The latest addition is a lightweight 3-axle OSDS semi low-loader with hydraulic gooseneck ramp, an extendable loading floor and tracking steered axles. This versatile and multifunctional semi low-loader is the ideal transport solution for the transport of construction machines, road construction machines and aerial platforms up to 36 tons.

OSDS Mateco
OSDS Gebri

Easily load machines on gooseneck

The hydraulic gooseneck ramp has an optimal angle of inclination in combination with the specially adapted gooseneck. For example, smaller aerial work platforms and construction machines can be easily and safely driven up the gooseneck and the full length of the trailer can be optimally used for transporting loads.

The loading floor in combination with the hydraulically adjustable gooseneck ramp is extendable by 3,730mm to 12,730mm behind the gooseneck. The gooseneck, gooseneck ramp and loading floor are available with wood, steel grating or a combination of these.

OSDS Hoogwerker semidieplader
OSDS Hoogwerker semidieplader

Very low slope on ramps

The hydraulically operated ramps are available in various lengths and designs, including a special ramp variant with a sharp ramp point and extra grip on the chassis parts. This 5000mm long ramp offers, in combination with the long loading surface chamfer, a very low angle of inclination of barely 9 degrees. This is an ideal situation for loading machines with very limited ground clearance, such as scissor lifts. Unique is the hydraulic width adjustment of the ramps, whereby the ramps can be pushed together. This is especially important for the safe and fast loading and unloading of small and narrow machines. For loading very wide machines, the ramps can be pushed up to 2 x 250mm outside the standard loading surface width. Using the radio-controlled heavy duty electric winch on the gooseneck, broken aerial platforms can also be loaded, for example.

Nooteboom opritten breed
Nooteboom opritten smal
Nooteboom opritten hellinghoek

Advantages OSDS-48-03V(EB)

  • Multifunctional for construction machines, road construction machines and aerial platforms
  • Hydraulic gooseneck ramp, for easy and safe loading onto the gooseneck
  • Full length of the semi low-loader can be used optimally
  • Low weight, high load capacity of 36 tons
  • Very favorable purchase price, low operating costs and high residual value
  • Load floor extendable up to 12.73m behind gooseneck
  • Many binding provisions in edge profile and against the central beam
  • Loading floor optionally provided with anti-slip coating
  • Unique conservation, in which the chassis is completely galvanized by means of a metal coating
  • Delivery from stock

Download Specsheet here

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