MultitrailersOSD self-steering semi low-loader

Nooteboom can tailor the OSD semi low-loader to meet all the requirements of the professional road transport operator. The OSD programme includes an extremely wide range of semi low-loaders with self-tracking axles, available in many versions for the most diverse applications. Where the options of the OSDS from the SMART-programme stop, the OSD from the Nooteboom PRO-programme takes over.

Low and lower

The Nooteboom OSD includes two groups of semi low-loaders with various load floor heights. The OSD semi low-loaders, with a standard loaded load floor height of approx. 88cm in drive position, are available in a version with 10t/axle or 12t/axle at 80 km/h. In addition Nooteboom offers OSD semi low-loaders with an ultra-low floor height of approx. 78cm in drive position, with extra low tyres, that are technically suitable for 8t/axle at 80 km/h.

Comprehensive option package and made to order

With a comprehensive option package the dimensions and equipment of the OSD semi low-loader can be adapted to suit specific applications. In addition to the usual options, Nooteboom can also deliver custom-built OSDs. The semi low-loader can be made to meet the specific requirements of the customer. The finish and conservation are of the highest quality, the chassis being fully hot zinc sprayed.

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