Rick – Construction fitter/welder

Rick De Groot

Function: construction fitter/welder

Employed by Nooteboom since: 2012

Date of birth: 26 April 1991, Nijmegen

Place of residence: Overasselt

‘At Nooteboom you’re not just a number‘

‘Before I ended up working at Nooteboom via an employment agency, some 6 or 7 years ago, I always said I would never want to work for a large company: too impersonal and faceless. But once I started work here I soon found out that at Nooteboom you are definitely not just a number. On the contrary: as an employee you are regularly updated about what is going on within the company. I personally like that a lot: it means that as an employee you stay fully involved.’
‘As a welder I am mainly active in the final welding phase: my colleagues and I make sure that the final, customer-specific parts are put on the trailer. Of course I always aim for a 10; you want to deliver a product to the customer that is as good as it can be. And I still find it exciting if I come across one of our trailers on the road. Then I think: I may have contributed to making that trailer.’
‘We now have a welding robot at Nooteboom. Not before time, as the number of welders will decrease further in the next few years. Nooteboom has recently also taken a laser cutter in use. In the coming years I would like to get a better understanding of this kind of new technology: it’s very interesting to find out what the possibilities are. But in the end authentic welding by hand still remains my passion. From the moment I lower the shield I am totally in my element.’