Lena – Assembly

Lena Groesdonk

Functie: Mechanic

Employed by Nooteboom since: February 2018

Dat of birth: 6 August 1992, Oberhausen (D)

Place of residence: Sonsbeck (D)

‘The transition from office to factory is working well‘

‘With pre-assembly we make sure the mechanics on the main line can get on with their work quickly and efficiently. We do this by making all sorts of preparations: my colleagues and I assemble units and air tanks and prepare the junction boxes, for example. This means the entire production process runs smoothly and that the customer gets his trailer on time.’
‘I worked in offices for years. When a mechanic friend of mine told me about this vacancy I was getting restless: would it not be great to do something completely different? In the end I took the plunge and started here in Wijchen. I did not follow any specific training course; my colleagues taught me what to do on the job.’
‘So far I really like working with my hands. What also helps is that Nooteboom is a warm, open company with pleasant colleagues and working hours that suit me. So I certainly don’t regret my move. And the fact that Nooteboom makes such a wonderful product also helps, that’s for sure.’