Jelle – Logistics

Jelle Rieuwers

Function: Senior logistics employee

Employed by Nooteboom since: 2014

Place of birth: 4 August 1993, Tiel

Place of residence: Ewijk

‘If you have a good training plan, there will be plenty of options’

‘To be honest, before I joined Nooteboom in 2014 I did not know the company at all. Of course that’s different now. If I overtake a tractor and trailer on the motorway I always have a quick look to see if it is one of ours. And if it is it fills me with a certain amount of pride. Nooteboom is a wonderful and strong Dutch company, with a magnificent product.’
‘At the Logistics department we ensure that all the materials arrive at the right moment in the right place, so that the colleagues in Production can get on with their work as efficiently as possible. All incoming products are checked, processed and stored. As soon as they are needed we ensure that they find their way from the warehouse to the factory. We also deal with the waste flows that come from the factory, things like pallets and crates. Another task of logistics is Shipping: we dispatch parts worldwide, as warranty or service. So that the customers can be on the road again as soon as possible.’
‘Recently I participated in the optimisation of Kardex, our automated warehouse system. I also followed two courses: for Logistics Employee and for Logistics Team leader. That’s the great thing about Nooteboom: if you come up with a proper training plan yourself, there will be plenty of options. Another good thing: the ambition announced by Nooteboom to continue to grow in the coming years. That appeals to me, because to stand still is to fall behind.